What is Hoskinsea?

An NFT marketplace built on the Cardano network for your favorite Arts - JPGs, PNGs, SVGs and more! We're proud to be based on the Cardano blockchain, a cryptocurrency with the mission of providing financial infrastructure for the unbanked. We hope that by continuing to innovate and bring new functionality to the Cardano NFT space, we can help to move Cardano network forward and support the community's novel humanitarian efforts. For all the latest updates, follow us on our social media platform

What are the fees involved?

* Royalty fee (Usually 1 -5%)
This is set by the creator which goes directly back to them after a sale.
* 1% Service fee during sale
   This helps us to pay our builders and continue to improve our marketplace!
* Transaction fee when you list ( less than 1 ADA)
   This is the price you pay to list which is for using the Cardano network.
Every interaction with the smart contract will have a tiny fee. You will not be charged for any failed transactions on the chain

How do I start buying/selling?

To start buying some lovely NFTs, you must first connect with any Cardano native wallet like Nami, Yoroi, Adalite, Daedalus and others. The steps are as follows: First, install the extension and setup your wallet. Next, you will need to send some ADA to your wallet. You can purchase ADA on any centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, FTX or Binance. After you've purchased ADA, send it over to your Cardano wallet by copy/pasting the public address. You will then need to add collateral to interact with the Smart contract. Once you do this, you're good to go!

How do I list a collection on Hoskinsea?

If you are an artist or creator behind an NFT collection, request and fill out the creator’s form. Currently, we can only support 1 collection per policy ID! 

What wallets are supported?

We support every Cardano wallet!

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